Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The GIANT pack! 1KW (nearly)

This is a giant.  108 individual cells, with a capacity averaging 2500 mAh per cell, in a 3s36p configuration.  That's 90,000 mAh at 11.1v nominal.  999,000 Wh, by the numbers.

Yeah, that's what one KW of electricity looks like, in a package you can hold.
That's it with the traditional duct tape and cardboard motif.

Here's a shot with the 2 previous iterations:
Shown with my 20 port USB adapter.

Here's the smallest of the 3 before the cardboard and duct tape.  Was made from 18650 cells with mAh ranges from 1400 to 1900.  Is a 3s8p configuration.  The tabbing was welded onto the cells with the spot welder I made previously.

This is the mid-sized battery, minus the c&d.  Was made from cells ranging from 1900 to 2400, IIRC.  It's also 3s, this time 10p.
Unfortunately, I don't have good shots of the GIANT pack without c&d.  By the math, it should take 90 hours to discharge it at 1A, and 18 hours to charge it back up at 5A.  Give or take.

Once I have the time to devote, I'll do a complete charge discharge cycle.  We'll see what the meter says.  I hope it goes high enough.  I have an odd feeling that it caps out at 20Ah.

We're heading off for a 5 day camping trip, and I'm hoping that this giant can keep the party rocking the entire time.

Now I need a 20A solar charging solution for it.

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