Monday, August 24, 2015

New pedals are installed!

...And I find them quite nice.  I'm still getting the spring adjustment dialed in, but I put 3 hours on them today, and they were so much nicer than my previous ones.

Also, I rode with extra weight today too.  Here's a pick of my loadout for the trip. One pannier held my tent, the other held my sleeping bag and sleeping pad. I carried a quart of water in each pannier as well.  The trunk bag had a bunch of locks and cables, just for the additional weight.
I'm certain that I have room for a small camping stove, fuel, food for an overnight stay, and a change of clothes.

The panniers are Ibera 22l bags, the trunk is a PakRak Quick Release, and the rear rack is an Ibera Touring Carrier Plus.

So far it feels capable of taking anything I throw at it.

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