Friday, August 21, 2015

New pedals!

Ordered some new pedals for the Nishiki.  They should be in some time today.

My current pedals have clips on one side and platforms on the other, and they're a PITA.  When you unclip, the pedal goes to it's default position, which is platform up, and so I always have to look down to clip in.

So, new Shimano PD-M520's.  I'm excited just thinking about it.

Also coming in today's shipment are my tent, a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag.  I'll do my best to document them appropriately later on, but here's the short list:

12 Survivors Shire 2 tent
Klymit static V sleep mat
Kaufland 40 superlight mummy bag.

I think I'm going to sleep in the back yard tonight, just to try it all out.

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